I got my baby ghost back after she got trained for three weeks! Isn’t she the best thing in the whole world??
Jet lag is killing me rn but also look at my cool tattoo
29. June 2014

I’ll be in a tent so I won’t be online for a few days.
I’m gonna see the great migration!


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My safari ootd 
Also check out my sweet hotel room
Technically this is a lion selfie, as there are lions in between our heads
look at how fucking hip my baby brother is
This is what I’m doing right now
Lemme take a selfie with these water buffalo
Lemme take a selfie with these water buffalo
@peytonfukinweigel and I have been up since 4 am thanks jetlag #me

I am currently in Tanzania with my family * shitty internet

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I’ve been traveling since 3 am. Today I flew into JFK airport and have been sitting around here since 2 pm waiting for my 12 an flight to Istanbul. Now we are delayed so I will probably miss my flight tomorrow from Istanbul to Arusha. World traveler problems uuugggghhhhhhuuuuu

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24. June 2014

I’ll be online less but I will be posting on instagram as much as possible

my insta is also twiiggs


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Me just witching around or whatever
photo by donut-time
but have you guys seen my ombre yet